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In Homeopathic kidney stone treatment medications and treatment are kept customized for every individual after examining the patients since the medication works differently in different conditions or levels of criticality.

 In Dr. Deepali Jain, our specialists handle kidney stones with absolute care not just to cure them but to tackle the root causes and the health issues in the kidney. 


  • Kidney stones are mainly the deposits of some minerals and acid salts, when smaller, can be flushed out with the urine but if the size gets a bit aggregated can be stuck in the ureter or at the ureter-bladder junction and cause severe pain while it moves with the urine, or even it can block the path and results in swelling of kidneys, but Homeopathic kidney stone treatment has a more reliable and efficient way to reduce the kidney stone, from starting phases we work on reducing the pain from the movement of the stone by depleting the volume of it and breaking it down in small pieces so it can be excreted through the urine easily and without pain. 


Calcium stone – This is the most visible stone in cases and is occurred when calcium is deposited and binds with other minerals to make an aggregated solid stone. Calcium stones are of two forms.

  • Calcium phosphate stone
  • Calcium oxalate stone (More common)

Uric acid stone – It is caused due to too much level of uric acid in the urine.

Struvite stone – This stone is a composition of magnesium ammonium phosphate which is a result of waste products left by bacteria.

Cystine stone – This is caused due to increased levels of cystine in the urine.

Calcium stone


  • Symptoms of a stone cannot be felt in the early phase, but when it becomes severe and flows down in the ureters it may block the urinary path and flow of the urine partially or result in swelling of the kidneys due to logging or it causes steep pain in the abdominal area.
    • Pain in the abdominal area
    • Blood in the urine
    • Regular fevers
    • Pus in the urine
    • The pain of difficulty during urination
    • Sensation of Vomiting
    • Smell in urine
    • A frequent and small amounts of urine
    • Discolored urine                                                                                                                      .
    • chills                                                                                                                                                                     ,                                                                                                                                               


Deposition of calcium or other minerals in the kidney
Bone diseases causing more calcium absorption
Calcium based drugs
Kidney stones in the history of family
Food with a high acid level




stones in Fluids will always help in getting clearance from your stone or even getting one. Fluids will not only help you in lushing out the toxins but also help in moving out of the stone.

You can add some more of the ingredients in water to make it more effective and quicker than water alone can do.

But be sure that you consult a doctor before starting with the below remedies.


 Drinking enough water is much more important than you think. Drink more than 10-12 glasses of water, which will help you pass the stone more efficiently and it will keep you away from happening of this stone again. Once successfully passed from the stone you can reduce the water intake up to 8-10 glasses a day, because staying hydrated will keep you away from many diseases not only from kidney stones.


Basil juice is a rich source of acetic acid which is very effective in reducing pain from the stone by breaking it down.

It is not only full of nutrients but has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help in maintaining a healthy kidney


Pomegranate juice helps in keeping the kidneys healthy, because of its antioxidant enrichment it helps in reducing the toxins within the body by helping the kidney to flush them out.

Pomegranate juice is used for hundreds of years for cleaning out the harmful things dissolved in the fluids of our body.


Lemon is a good source of citric acid which is a pathbreaker for the forming of calcium stones and also breaks the stone up into small pieces so can be passed more easily in the urinary flow.

You can add lime juice as often as you prefer with water. Lemon juice also provides Vitamin C and eliminates bacterial growth


Apple cider vinegar contains an ample amount of acetic acid, hence helping in kidney dissolving stones.

There are more benefits of it but should be taken carefully as an excess of it can lead to some bone issues.


This juice is applied in conventional medications to reduce the toxins which lead to being kidney stones later, also it helps in flushing out the stone.

Anyone can take it in by blending celery ribs in water several times a day but should be avoided if you’re having low BP or any bleeding disorder.


  • In homeopathy, medications are designed to remove the stone naturally by reducing the size of the stone slowly unlike allopathy which has the only option which is operation.The advantage of homeopathic kidney stone treatment is that you never need any surgeries and also ensures that it will never happen again by increasing the functionality of the kidneys and reducing the toxins from the body.


  • Surgery was never an alone option for the treatment of kidney stones, but allopathy was never considered an option other than it whereas homeopathy was concerned about the future health of the patients and returns the normal life to the people who had the stones.
  • where surgeries lead you to a total lifestyle whether it is your diet or fitness whereas with homeopathy you can do any tense workouts

Why should you choose Dr. Deepali Jain Homeopathy?

  • 100% Safe– Our medications are safe and have no side effects. Our medicines work on the root cause of the disease.
  • Visible Results– Results of our treatment are visible within a time-span of a month. Our renowned specialists work on the cause of the disorder and fix it completely.
  • Personalized Diet Chart–Dr. Deepali Jain , we’ll help patients alter their daily dietary schedule to bring positive changes. We believe in providing a sustainable yet effective diet plan to cure the cause of illness.
  • Weekly follow-up– To ensure a check on the patient’s progress, our experts call the patient every week. We’ll analytically observe your progress reports and provide helpful recommendations on the same.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some major causes of liver problems include Alcohol abuse, Accumulation of fats in the liver, certain viruses, and other disorders.

 No, any kind of surgery will not be carried out. Homeopathy eliminates the stone inside the body.
 Homeopathy is a side effect free curing method and it also encounters additional problems in the body meanwhile its practice

Medication differs from person to person and according to the type of stone the kidney has, you can consult our doctors directly to proceed with a cure.


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