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Homeopathic Piles (Hemorrhoids) Treatment

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Cure your piles without expensive medicines

Primarily understand what Piles are?

Round discolored and small lumps around and inside your anus are called piles, also termed Hemorrhoids in scientific language. You may feel something hanging down from your anal canal that is piles. These are enlarged blood vessels. Blood vessels are expected in your anus, but piles can occur if these blood vessels get enlarged.Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the lower rectum and anus, as well as the collection of inflamed tissue in the anal canal. 

It would be best if you considered types of piles to understand the intensity of consequences.

First stage:

Blood vessels may bleed but did not come out of the anus

Third stage:

Large blood vessels go out and return only when you physically push them upward.

Second stage:

Blood vessels perhaps come out of the anus while toileting and go back to self just afterward.

Fourth stage:

Large blood vessels go out and never come back even if you push them hard. They become painful and swollen due to blood clotting.

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Complications associated with Piles

An increase in age increases the risk of piles or hemorrhoids because rectum and anus tissues that support veins weaken over time. If not considered seriously, it may result in

  • Anemia: it is rare but dangerous because the loss in the blood due to hemorrhoids can cause anemia. Anemia is when the human body does not have enough red blood cells (RBCs) to carry oxygen to cells. 
  • Blood clot: sometimes, blood clotting occurs due to hemorrhoids, however not very harmful but could be intensely painful and often required to be drained and lanced. 
  • Strangulated hemorrhoids: when a cut-off takes place in the blood supply in the internal hemorrhoids, strangulation of hemorrhoids occurs, causing extreme pain.

What can cause Piles?

  • Sitting on the toilet for long periods: straining during bowel movements increases pressure in the lower rectum, leading to piles or hemorrhoids. 
  • Obesity: excess body weight puts pressure on the lower rectum that constricts the blood vessels surroundings the anus, which can lead to hemorrhoids. 
  • The heavy lifting on a regular basis: when people lift heavyweight, they hold their breath and take the stress. Holding breath always forces the air down into the lungs, which increases the pressure on internal organs. It can lead to hemorrhoids. 
  • Pregnancy: during pregnancy, hormones make veins relax, and passing the stool makes mucus discharge afterward, which can cause hemorrhoids.
  • Eating a diet with low fiber: little fiber foods, such as frozen meals, fast food, white bread, and frozen meat, etc., can cause constipation and other digestive issues. In addition, it can develop hemorrhoids in the body.
  • Straining during poop: while constipation, people strain to pass stool, which can cause the veins in the lower rectum to swell. It can lead to hemorrhoids.
  • Chronic constipation or diarrhea: sitting a long time in the toilet to pass stool can cause blood vessels to stretch and swell due to increased pressure, leading to hemorrhoids.
  • Persistent cough: chronic cough increase the pressure in the abdomen that can lead to piles.

What can be the Symptoms of Piles?

Thrombosed piles

  • Certain ache
  • Swelling
  • Enlarged lump around the anus

External piles

  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Discomfort in sitting
  • Irritation and itching
Internal pile

Internal piles

  • Bleeding without pain
  • Slimy discharge of mucus from the anus

Prevention of Piles

  • Intake supplements full of fibers: you are needed to intake fruits, whole grains, and vegetables that are high in fibers because they will assist in softening your stool and enhance its bulk. It will aid you in avoiding straining during bowel movements.
  • Daily exercise: regular exercise may assist you in preventing constipation along with minimizing pressures on veins that occur due to long sitting or standing. Exercise may help you in losing excess weight.
  • Don’t strain: straining and breath control may create intense pressure on veins during bowel movement, leading to piles or hemorrhoids.
  • Drink plenty of fluids: drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water and one or two fruits or vegetable juice may assist in softening the stool.  It will help you pass stool easily.
  • Don’t hold stool: If you are busy and you feel an urge, don’t wait to pass a bowel movement because your stool may dry out and make it difficult for you later to pass stool easily. 
  • Avoid long-period sitting in the toilet: you should avoid long-sitting in the bathroom because it may put intense pressure on the anus veins. 

Treatment of Piles with Homeopathy

  • The primary question that would hit your mind is why to look for Homeopathic treatment and not Allopathic treatment. Homeopathy is the healthiest and safest way to treat a disease. The doses of Homeopathic medicines are naturally prepared in a hygienic, standardized, and well-controlled environment compared to conventional medication. In addition, there is no side-effect of Homeopathic medicines that can cause structural damage to the body organs. Homeopathic medicines mainly work by improving the body’s immune system, which helps the body cure itself. The medications prescribed by Homeopathic experts are calibrated in small quantities, eliminating the risk of extra doses at one time.

    Similarly, Dr. Deepali Jain offers Piles treatment that helps people treat the disease as a whole. The benefits of our prescribed medication can be seen in the progression of wellness the society. Thousands of Piles patients have been treated here at Dr. Deepali Jain Homeopathy. People under our Homeopathic Piles treatment experience a general sense of well-being. It has been noted that people taking regular Homeopathic Piles treatment develop a good immunity, live a healthier life, and tend to fall sick less likely. Hence, our treatment approach helps people in curing the disease more efficiently.

Why Chose Dr. Deepali Jain Homeopathy

100% Safe

Our medications are safe and have no side effects. Our medicines work on the root cause of the disease.

Visible Results

Results of our treatment are visible within a time-span of a month. Our renowned specialists work on the cause of the disorder and fix it completely.

Personalized Diet Chart

At Dr. Deepali Jain Homeopathy, we’ll help patients alter their daily dietary schedule to bring positive changes. We believe in providing a sustainable yet effective diet plan to cure the cause of illness.

Weekly follow-up

To ensure a check on the patient’s progress, our experts call the patient every week. We’ll analytically observe your progress reports and provide helpful recommendations on the same.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Piles can be made less severe during pregnancy by making dietary and lifestyle changes. These changes can help ease the piles’ pain and irritations. Some changes to be made to ease piles are;

  1. Consuming high-fiber diet
  2. Drinking plenty of water
  3. Avoid long periods in the standing position
  4. Improvement of circulation with regular exercise
Homeopathy treats the causes of hormonal fluctuations and assists in minimizing acute symptoms, including inflammg.ation, pain, and swellin
It will take 1 to 30 days for mild to moderate symptoms to recovery. It may take 30 days to 3 months for a moderate to severe level of piles.
You should refrain from consuming foods or drinks that contain intense aromatics or stimulants such as coffee and peppermint at the exact moment as you are taking your homeopathic medicine, so the two do not interfere with each other.

Are you ready to give yourself a better care?

To ensure a check on the patient’s progress, our experts call the patient every week. We’ll analytically observe your progress reports and provide helpful recommendations on the same.
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