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Homeopathic Liver Treatment

Dr. Deepali Jain Homeopathy provides Homeopathic liver treatment that includes homeopathic medicines to treat the liver more effectively. At Dr. Deepali Jain Homeopathy, we offer an efficient yet flexible approach that makes it possible for homeopathy to treat liver pain more effectively. Here we primarily diagnose patients, including their current condition and overall medical history. We then prepare an effective dietary plan and prescribe homeopathic medicines to help the patient treat liver pain.

Treatment of Liver Pain with Homeopathic Medicines

People sometimes feel pain in their upper right abdomen, like a stabbing sensation that takes their breath away. It can be a kind of liver pain and a sign of a severe disorder in which medical attention is perhaps required. 

In the human body, the liver is located under a person’s rib cage on the right side of the abdomen. The liver plays a crucial part in ridding your body of harmful elements and digesting your food as well. It is also known as the detoxifying organ of the human body. So, whenever you feel similar pain from your liver, you need to look for a doctor as there might be some harmful things to address immediately.  

There is a slight difference between liver failure and liver disease. It is essential that you identify the difference between liver failure and liver disease because liver failure only happens due to several damages caused by liver disease, while the liver disease can impact entire liver functioning.

Liver Pain

Liver Pain

  • There could be many kinds of liver pain that can cause you some serious issues. The most common types can be noticed in liver pain, which are hepatitis A, B, and C. These can be caused by various viruses that directly impact your liver. Some indicators of this hepatitis include yellow-colored skin, dark-colored pee, vomiting, tiredness, and yellow eyes. Besides this, you may not notice that some diseases can impact your liver as a whole. For example, an abnormal gene from either mother or father or both can cause different aspects to develop in your liver, resulting in the damaged liver.

Stages of Liver Pain

  • Inflammation: it is the primary stage in which the liver becomes inflamed or enlarged. People sometimes didn’t experience any symptoms.
  • Fibrosis: occurs when an inflamed liver becomes scarred. The scar tissue cannot be able to perform like a normal liver function that impacts the ability of the liver to function optimally.
  • Cirrhosis: in this stage, certain scars have built upon the liver, making it difficult to function optimally due to less healthy liver tissue. 
  • ESLD (End-stage liver disease): it is subjective to hepatic and ascites encephalopathy, which can’t treated other than a liver transplant. 
  • Liver cancer: it can occur at any stage of liver failure, and individuals with cirrhosis condition are at high risk of developing liver cancer. 

Most visible Symptoms of Liver Cancer

  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Skin itching
  • Dark brownish urine
  • Fatigue 
  • Loss of appetite
  • Abdominal pain or swelling
  • Yellow eyes and skin

Severe Medical Conditions that Impact the Liver Veins

Liver pain is not a common issue that you can easily avoid because your delay can cause you a lot regarding your health. In a study by CDC, approx. 4 million US adults are diagnosed with liver issues. According to researchers, the most common cause of liver disease is excessive alcohol consumption and fatty liver. 

Chronic liver failure occurs because of liver damage that develops over time gradually, which primarily leads to Cirrhosis. On the other hand, acute liver failure can happen for many reasons, such as hepatitis A, B, or E, and reactions to prescribed medicines, such as anti-epileptic or antibiotic drugs. 

You must consult with your doctor if you feel any pain in your upper right abdomen.

Liver Veins

Primary Causes of Liver Pain or Disease

  • Collection of additional fat in the liver
  • Chronic alcohol use
  • Numerous herbal compounds
  • Viral infection, including hepatitis 
  • Side effects of some medicines
  • Autoimmune condition 
  • Overdose of some medicines
  • Exposure to noxious products, such as industrial chemicals
  • Metabolic conditions
  • Some severe medical conditions that impact the liver veins 

Complications of Liver Disease

  • Portal hypertension and varices 
  • Hepatic encephalopathy 
  • Liver cancer
  • Ascites 
  • Variceal bleeding 
  • Malnutrition 
  • Hepatopulmonary syndrome

Prevention of Liver Disease

  • Maintain a healthy weight: if you are experiencing obesity, you should immediately minimize the calories intake. In addition, you need to work on maintaining a healthy weight according to your BMI.
  • Choose a healthy diet: eating healthy can help you maintain your weight. For example, you can eat a diet that contains whole grains, rich in fruits, healthy fats, and fruits and vegetables.
  • Exercise and meditation in daily routine: a healthy habit of daily practice and meditation can help you minimize the risk of liver illness.
  • Keep your food safe: you should wash your hands appropriately before preparing or eating food. It will minimize the risk of chemicals intake through your food in the body. 
  • Drink alcohol in moderation: women should avoid drinking more than one glass, and men should avoid drinking more than two glasses of alcohol a day. 

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While looking for a diagnosis, the primary question that would hit your mind will be why choose Homeopathy and not take allopathic treatment. Homeopathy is the healthiest form of treating a disease, but people approach allopathic medicine to cure their disease by consistently damaging their body organs. Homeopathy focuses on the root of illness and does not tear it apart.

You can treat non-alcoholic fatty liver illness with the assistance of Homeopathic medicines and by adopting healthy daily routines. According to the name, the disease takes place due to the accumulation of fat in liver cells. Homeopathy suggests some ways by which you can minimize the risk of this illness. Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis is recognized as a severe illness that may lead to permanent damage to the liver. This issue is just equaled to the outcome of alcoholic liver damage, which may lead to liver failure and Cirrhosis. However, there are some other ways by which you can minimize the risk and symptoms of liver disease by Homeopathic liver treatment. 

Dr. Deepali Jain
provides an effective way by which you can minimize or even prevent the risk of liver disease. We offer Homeopathic liver treatment that does not include the risk of side effects of medications, unlike allopathic treatment. You may find a way to treat your liver illness by allopathic medicine early, but it damages other body parts, which many people don’t consider while looking for disease treatment. Dr. Deepali Jain Homeopathy provides the most effective and risk-free approach to treat any disease, and the medications that Homeopathy suggests to its users do not impact other body organs. 

Why should you choose Dr. Deepali Jain Homeopathy?

  • 100% Safe– Our medications are safe and have no side effects. Our medicines work on the root cause of the disease.
  • Visible Results– Results of our treatment are visible within a time-span of a month. Our renowned specialists work on the cause of the disorder and fix it completely.
  • Personalized Diet Chart– At Dr. Deepali Jain Homeopathy, we’ll help patients alter their daily dietary schedule to bring positive changes. We believe in providing a sustainable yet effective diet plan to cure the cause of illness.
  • Weekly follow-up– To ensure a check on the patient’s progress, our experts call the patient every week. We’ll analytically observe your progress reports and provide helpful recommendations on the same.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Absolutely, Homeopathy was always an ideal solution for kidney stone treatments.

Yes, Homeopathy is intensely effective in managing liver disease.


Severe vomiting can be a symptom of liver failure. Nausea, dark stool, and pale urine are some more symptoms associated with liver disorders.


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